Currently there are no direct flights Marrakech to Jordan

Flights Marrakech to Jordan with 1 stopover:

Flights via London Heathrow (LHR), United Kingodm
From Marrakech (RAK), Morocco with British Airways Transfer atLondon Heathrow (LHR), United Kingodm Then on to Amman Queen Alia (AMM), Jordan with British Airways
Flights via Madrid (MAD), Spain
From Marrakech (RAK), Morocco with Transfer at Madrid (MAD), Spain Then on to Amman Queen Alia (AMM), Jordan with Iberia
Flights via London Gatwick (LGW), United Kingdom
From Marrakech (RAK), Morocco with easyJet Transfer at London Gatwick (LGW), United Kingdom Then on to Amman Queen Alia (AMM), Jordan with easyJet
Flights via Brussels International (BRU), Belguim
From Marrakech (RAK), Morocco with JetairFly Transfer at Brussels International (BRU), Belguim Then on to Aqaba (AQJ), Jordan With JetairFly